Social change on the inside & outside

We believe leadership, culture, identity, operations, and communications are all connected. We work with clients willing to “get messy” in surfacing challenges, embracing new ways of working internally and expanding the way they cultivate external relationships. Our integrated approach solves problems that have meaningful and sustained impacts inside and out.

The Inside: Leadership Coaching

Transformational leaders create transformational organizations. We are certified coaches who bring the perspective of practitioners. We have led nonprofit organizations and driven social justice initiatives, so we offer practical, actionable guidance rooted in real-world experience. Our insight-driven approach helps you create lasting, positive change within your organization and community while maintaining your personal sense of well-being through:

Reflective Practices: Enhance self-awareness and align your values with your leadership style.
Observational Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your organizational dynamics, improve team interactions. and make space for creative ideas
Experiential Learning: Learn from your real-world experiences to adapt and develop more effective relationships.

The Outside: Organizational Transformation

With an eye on liberatory practices in the social change sector, we design custom approaches to evolving your organization and your brand. We bring fresh ideas to age-old operational issues. Focusing primarily on the needs of the people you serve, we bring meaning and heart to create authentic strategies, branding and communications.

Organizational Assessment and Action-Oriented Planning
Interactive Workshops & Facilitation
Brand Strategy and Messaging
Website and Visual Design